• Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse

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Everything is neatly arranged in a colored box, the mouse is packed in material so that it does not scratch. The cord is twisted, no unpleasant impressions.
Adjust DPI, change profiles, create macros. Everything is saved in the internal memory of the mouse, so the program can be uninstalled later to save space.
Omron - presses easily and quickly. The buttons are separated from the body (split-button design), but pressing them at the back has to push them hard. Don't go wrong, everything is as it should be.
The side buttons are small and quite "seated" quite deep. They do not interfere with everyday use, but they are difficult to press quickly during play. With a sharp edge, but it doesn't interfere with use. Buttons on the left side of the mouse only - the mouse is for right-handers only.
Narrow caster. Rotates abruptly, if necessary to view a longer document tired finger, but can get used to. There is no adjustable resistance (like that of the Logitech G502).
Housing / design
Thin plastic with hexagonal hole pattern. Dirt does not accumulate in the holes, and even if it does get there, the internal components of the mouse are water-resistant, so you can simply put the mouse under the tap and wash away any dust or dirt that gets inside.
The mouse is small, lying nicely in the palm of your hand. Mainly for finger and claw holding styles. For big hand owners it can be too big. If you can't decide based on the photos - we have an exhibition in the salon, you can try it.
Extremely light mouse, which is a pleasure to work with in everyday work. Extremely light and unobtrusive cable, easy to use and the weight of the mouse itself, nice buttons. The shape and size may not suit everyone, so it’s worth trying it out in person at the salon.

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